Deaf Psychic/Medium Empath

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About Me......

Alycia is a natural born deaf Clairvoyant Psychic / Medium/Empath.

She grew up with a large family of 9 siblings and is the only deaf person in the family.


She has many unique gifts such as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance,

Clairalience, Channeling, Painting Channeler, Auto writing, Spiritual Healer, and Empathy. Being a great Shaman/Medicine Woman, She has perform many varies task. As a young child she thought it was normal to seeing ghosts and spirits from the other side. She has the ability to use her telepathy skills with her family,friends and pets. She's able to communicate with the animals.


Her whole life she knew she have 2 spirit guides. Her Mother was her life coach. she taught her how to embrace her gifts. She has done healing among her family, Pets, Living things, and friends by laying of hands since young age. She also performing distance healings. She is a spiritually Christians with an open mind and acceptance of all walks of life and belief.


She was with the paranormal team.

She is one of four Deaf and Hard of hearing. She communicates well with the team using ASL as the team has signers and the founder is an interpreter for the deaf. She also uses lip reading and her oral training with those on the team that are not fluent in sign works without difficulty, as they are learning to sign. She has been with them for few years. She work well side by side without boundaries, her deafness does not stop her from achieving anything. She has had medium ship skills since she was a child and has had the ability to communicate with them for as long as she can remember. Although She have these abilities she uses her gift with her team only during Private investigations or during public events in which Paranormal team welcomes the Deaf community to experience along with others. She has had the privilege of working with Star CC the Huntress and her team as Deaf investigators investigated Live streaming to over 20 million viewers during the investigation.


She has had the honor to be a presenter at the New England Paranormal Awards the past year. Not only was She a nominee but She won EVP of the year. She found herself speechless for an amazing experience. Star CC the Huntress ensured this event was accessible to the Deaf by having her own team interpreter, interpret the entire events.


Her entire life she has been able to assist earthbound spirits crossover in to the light. She is able to do readings for others either with Angel cards, Pendulum, Dowsing rods or through direct communication. She currently works with  groups of deaf people teaching them how to embrace their gifts. She is working with the deaf groups encourages them to become successful like her. She has done group readings in various places and homes. A group reading is open to anyone who desires a message from their loved ones in spirit. Deaf people might or might not know each other, yet they all have the desire to hear what she reads for them. Some went to a group reading first to observe her as a medium, and try to understand how her messages are received. They may feel unsure of how she is able to communicate with the other side or with her spirit guide and angels regardless of her deafness. She loves the idea of how the messages bring comfort to them or closure. They love the way she embraces them with a hug or touch from their loved ones.

It is a privilege for her to have such a gift. She finds it a gift to be able to not only help earthbound spirits but the living as well, communicates with those that have moved into another journey. She is a well know Channeler,  She have done countless Painting Channeling message from Divine. She is also able to read person's lifeline painting. She has performed Laughing energy healing, many find it healing fun. As a Shaman/Medicine woman ,she have had performs  energy healing and use drumming. She does mind, body, and soul  energy cleanse. She also performs new and old homes cleanse. She had taught many spiritual workshop among the deaf community. She has performed Medium shows for the Deaf Spiritual Unity. As a person she is down to earth and very friendly.  She is currently working with Jennifer Miller as team partner on healing people, and perform varies task.