Deaf Psychic/Medium Empath

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Reading Services & Rates

Readings are available thur skype, vp, e-mail. Please leave e-mail with your name, and request an appointment time.

Angel Card Reading or
Speak with Loved one only upon request

15 Minute.......$30
30 Minute........ $65
1   Hour............ $140
1 1/2 Hour.........$180

Email 3 questions.....$25 

Dowsing Rod Reading
30 Minute......... $40
1 Hour.............. $80

Energy Healing long distance

30 Minute........$65

20 Minute in person..... $60

30-45 Minute Team healers Jennifer Miller and I ….$130

Tips greatly appreciate

Energy Cleanse

Home ... Long Distance.... $65 Team ….$130

Home.... In person price varies depend on the size of your home $100-$250 an hour with in 50 miles of where I live, farther than 50 miles price will be double.

Questions on how payment plans works before set up an appt. you can email me or vp me... 

****Readings are for entertainment only****

If you host a party and want a reading,

 you can reach us ~[email protected]

Request for me or Jennifer Miller

*** I can do spiritual energy cleaning in your home, if you feel that there is any form of actives going on, I'd be happy to check it out and tell you. I do cleaning any old negative energy from previous owner or renters in person or long distance . If there is Earth bound spirit/ ghost, I will help them cross over into the light. . *** I also perform energy healing/cleanse long distance or in person. Since now Jennifer and I can do together as your request depend on how bad it seems to you.

Channeling Painting Party.... Lifeline Painting reading..... 

The host will invite friends and family join this fun lifeline painting. I as the channeler will read each person's painting and then I perform channeling Painting by allow Divine's spirit enter in me. During or After ones painting it relay beautiful message from beyond. The cost is $100 per person . I will provide the paints and bring my own large(16x20 or 18x24) and 8x10 or 9x12 canvas. Everyone brings their own canvas (8x10 or 9x12), paint brushes, rags, old t-shirt or paint apron . The host and everyone chip in for my transportation round trip. A place for me to stay at the host's home or hotel. The party plan must be three months advance. if there is hearing person or people that you invite, you must provide an interpreter, however if these hearing person knows ASL its not a problem. 

Spiritual workshop.... The host will invite those who wants to learn and grow spiritual lessons. The host will need to set location of workshop to be held each days, place for people to sleep such as hotel, motel, camping ground, host's home.  Everyone will chip in for my transportation round trip, Everyone will chip in foods and supplies as needed. 

level one: $280 per person for 4 days

level two: $280 per person for 4 days

 One on one reading in person for 20 min is $40 those are for the attend. will do on the 4 day workshop. *** Outsider who do not attend the workshop will pay $80 for half hour reading. Reservation is a must after the 4 days workshop.**

level one: How to use....

Dowsing rod


Angel Card Reading


Energy eating

Mindful walks

Fun actives do lifeline painting, will read your lifeline painting

Channeling Painting message for you all 

Level 2: How to....

Meditation with stones

Healing Energy

The use of Pendulum on healing

Crystal and Stones

Healing Laughter

Group Card Reading

Fun actives do  lifeline painting,  you will read each others lifeline painting

Channeling Painting message for you all

As for Jennifer, She teach oneness and Reiki ….. more information TBA

Gallery reading.... loved ones came for someone in the group..

Doing Dowsing Rod Reading in group

Spoken to loved one that has came for the group.

May Love and Peace be with you for always.....

As you can see these are the tools I use....
Messages from the Angels